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What our site is all about

Car insurance is a complex subject. The law in the UK states that every vehicle on the road must be covered by an absolute minimum of third-party insurance and many people greatly resent having to pay out sometimes very large sums in order to comply with this law. However there is another side to car insurance; it is also there for your own protection. Being involved in an accident can be highly traumatic but if the accident is judged to be your fault; whether it was or wasn't; without insurance cover you could be laid open to, potentially, huge and life changing damages to pay out. Insurance can protect you against this risk, which is why it is vitally important to make sure that the insurance that you buy is the right policy for you.

This is why we have to stress that we do not make any attempts on this website to suggest individual policies or insurers to any person. On the contrary, we merely try to point out the pros and cons of different types of insurers, and the pitfalls that can affect the unwary.

Limitations on our liability to you

We provide this website completely free of charge. Since we do not receive any payments from visitors we do not, under United Kingdom laws, have any contractual obligations towards these visitors. Nevertheless we try to make sure that the information we publish is accurate and up-to-date. However, we may not always succeed in this attempt and various factors may affect our ability to update the website if changes beyond our control make the information on this website obsolete. You should bear this in mind, and you must accept that what you read here should be looked upon as unreliable, information. If you are making any commitments of a financial or any other nature then it is imperative that you look for advice from suitably qualified people before proceeding.

Consequently you must agree that we can accept no liability whatsoever for any problems you may have as a result, either directly or indirectly, of incorrect information which is published on our site.

Internet risks

It is an unfortunate fact of life that websites, even some of the largest ones belonging to huge corporations, can get hacked. There is a whole worldwide hacking industry and criminals from many different countries, using software tools which are freely available, are constantly trying to break into websites in order to extract information from them, find the e-mail addresses of visitors, deface them, change the text on them or inject viruses which can then infect computers of people visiting these sites.

Your responsibility to protect yourself

This is a major problem which every single website on Earth has to face; you should therefore make your own arrangements using anti-viral software, and common sense procedures, to protect your own system from infection by viruses and Trojans, and you should never provide any information to any person who contacts you over the Internet unless you are absolutely, 100 percent certain that they are genuine. Since the overwhelming majority of requests for information online are fraudulent, you should make common sense checks on any claims made by people who contacts you, and you should never enter any personal information such as login codes or credit card details to any website that you have visited as a result of an unsolicited e-mail.

You should bear in mind that the most common tactic of these fraudulent people is to pretend to be a well respected organisation; and so you should treat any e-mail you receive, which asks you to login to a particular website using a link on the page of the e-mail, with extreme caution.

No website including our own can be guaranteed to be safe from hackers; and you must therefore agree that we will not be held responsible for any fraudulent attempts, or viral infections, that you suffer from after having visited our site.

Our copyright

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Links from our website

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