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Our Privacy Policy

The owners of are passionate about privacy and it's protection. We intend to stick to the highest standards in protecting your personal data. This is how we will accomplish this.

Use of information provided by yourself

We have industry standard systems in place to ensure that any information you may send us is protected during transmission.

We have further systems in place to ensure that once we have received this information, it is made inaccessible by unauthorised people.

Your consent to what we do with this information

If you send information to this website, we will assume that you agree to us holding and processing this information, and sharing it with product or service providers in order to allow them to provide you with quotations. These providers will be carefully selected in order to ensure that they will treat your information confidentially.

Providing us with third-party information

If you provide us with information concerning any other person, for example for the purposes of including them on an insurance policy that you are buying, it is mandatory that you first have their permission. We reserve the right to make necessary checks to ensure that this stipulation has been complied with.

Disclosure of your information

Apart from the stipulation above, we will not disclose any information about you, sell it, rent it or otherwise provide it to any other person or company except under the following circumstances:

Usage of your data

Information that we pass on to insurance companies will be used by them in order to provide you with quotations for products or services. We will ensure that all these insurance companies fully comply with the United Kingdom Data Protection Act, and all other relevant EU data protection legislation.

These insurance companies may also compare this information with other information that they hold about you, in order to cut down the risk of fraud. They may also compare this information with other data held by the Motor Insurers Bureau. You can find out what information is held about you by this organisation by clicking on this link.

Contacting you

If you get in touch with us in any way we will we will store records of your communications on a secured computer system. We will use these records solely for replying to any queries you may make or for contacting you when we feel it is absolutely necessary for us to do so. We will not under any circumstances send you any 'spam'.

Deletion of your data

We will delete any information that we hold about you within a short space of time if you send us a request to do so, accompanied by proof of your identity.

Accessing any data we hold about you

You are entitled to request a copy of any information that any organisation holds about you on a computer system. This organisation is permitted to make a reasonable charge for this service, and to ask for satisfactorily proof of your bona fides. Any information which is incorrect must be put right within a reasonable length of time.

Alterations to this privacy policy

This policy may change from time to time and so we encourage you to make regular checks to ensure that it meets your needs.

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