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I prefer to buy through a broker

I drive a Nissan Micra and have done so for many years. Unfortunatly, I have encountered two problems when buying insurance for my car.

The first is that I have often found the process of looking for car insurance to be very time consuming. The second problem is that I find comparing the features of different insurance policies to be very difficult, at times.

I have found that the solution to these problems is a simple one.I now prefer to use the services of an insurance broker that I have found to be reliable, that offers the option to speak to someone face to face, when necessary, and that has knowledgable staff. My current broker is able to provide the advice I require which allows me to buy the car insurance that is best for my needs.

How my insurance broker made buying car insurance easier

Over the last few years I have developed a good relationship with insurance brokers Swinton Insurance. They have patiently helped me compare the features of different policies and this has definitely saved me a lot of time.

While I may not have purchased the cheapest car insurance on the market, I am confident that I am paying competitive rates for quality insurance.

Furthermore, as I have been a customer for a few years, and I have now bought both house insurance and car insurance through Swinton, they were able to offer discounts that I probably could not get from other insurance providers. This means that my insurance costs have probably gone down.

My experience of buying car insurance

My positive experiences when buying both car insurance and house insurance, through this broker have made me want to use them again.

I really appreciated being able to arrange everything by phone. Furthermore, I was pleasantly surprised how patient the broker was when going through the different car insurance options available to me. I really appreciate it when a company offers a great level of customer care. The assistant I spoke to was pleasant, knowledgeable, very helpful and definitely someone I would contact again.

On one occasion, when buying car insurance from Swinton, the broker said that they would look into something and call me back within the hour. I was very concerned that they may fail to contact me, as agreed, which would have been very inconvenient. However, they did call me back within the hour and provided me with the precise information I was looking for. This gave me a lot of confidence that they were reliable and would keep their word.

Payment arrangements

Swinton have allowed me to pay for my car insurance in monthly instalments. This does cost a little more than if I paid in full. However, paying monthly spreads the cost and enables me to budget more effectively for all of my expenses, bills and direct debits. I am sure that the benefits of paying monthly and spreading the cost over many months outweighs the extra cost involved.

A pleasant experience

Buying car insurance is one of these things in life that just has to be done. However, I have found that there are ways to make the experience as pleasant as possible. To make things easier for me I used a well established broker with a good reputation and knowledgeable staff. This made the experience of buying car insurance a pleasant one and I will be contacting Swinton Insurance first, when the time comes to renew my car insurance again.

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